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Neosho Falls - A Town One Might Only Imagine

We were headed into Southern Kansas, seventy-five miles per hour across what seemed to be an endless stretch of flat and empty highway, eventually carrying us into a very unusual town. 1,711 more words


Sebastien Fagerlund: Darkness In Light

Sebastien Fagerlund is Finnish and his Wikipedia entry reads: “He is described as a post-modern impressionist whose sound landscapes can be heard as ecstatic nature images which, however, are always inner images, landscapes of the mind.” 355 more words

Obstacles to Pagan Parenting Part 2

Welcome, and if you haven’t read part one you can find it here.

Issue #5

Double Trouble

All children face religious crisis. For Christian children, they may be pressured by someone they know who is atheist. 1,712 more words

A short and simple truth

If God can’t be experienced in a way where one can know for sure that He exists, then, unfortunately for some, the truth about God awaits after death! 20 more words


Sylvia Browne’s FBI File: Examining Her Alleged Detective Work and a Federal Criminal Investigation

By Ryan Shaffer via The Committee for Skeptical Inquiry – CSI

During Sylvia Browne’s decades-long career offering psychic readings and doing television appearances, she made numerous claims about working with law enforcement to solve crimes. 330 more words


Dust to Dust - Melissa Walker

Callie was in a prolonged coma following a car accident.  During that time, she was in an in-between place for souls who are misguided or have unresolved issues that prevent them from moving on.  149 more words


As We Lay Dying

“An awareness of one’s mortality can lead you to wake up and live an authentic, meaningful life.” -Bernie Siegel

So I started reading this book recently.

454 more words
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