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Only A Dream Away

On Thursday, March 26th, I went to see my mother twenty-eight years after her death. It wasn’t until after I woke from the dream that I realized her hair was yellow. 676 more words


Kant and St. Gregory of Nyssa: The immortality of the soul

A thought occurred to me a few days ago about how much alike Immanuel Kant and St. Gregory of Nyssa are, at least on the issue of the immortality of the soul. 454 more words


Every One has His Peculiar Life

From Conjugial Love ~ Emanuel Swedenborg

Every one has his peculiar life, thus a life distinct from that of another, is known; for there is a perpetual variety and no one thing is the same as another. 785 more words

Emanuel Swedenborg

"The True History" by Lucian

The Island of the Blest

As we drew near it, a marvellous air was wafted to us, exquisitely fragrant. Its sweetness seemed compounded of rose, narcissus, hyacinth, lilies and violets, myrtle and bay and flowering vine. 895 more words


this could be it

In life, we act like we have all the time in the world and that there is always tomorrow. That may be so, but we never really know… Today I was riding my bike down the street, when this pigeon gently flew into the air while this huge van was coming towards it! 213 more words


Dads, where are you?

What happens at the end?
What do you think about when you’re on your last days? Hours? Minutes?
Are you scared or relieved?
Do the decisions you made haunt you? 950 more words

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The First Deities (Revamped): Chapter 5 - The Day Before

The two accompanied me again, as they would do so many times without fail. Some of the questions I had myself were answered when I look to Mr. 1,673 more words

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