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30 Days until Easter -- Where is the other guy?

Jesus was crucified, according to Luke, along with two others.
One of these men mocked Jesus. “If you’re the messiah, save yourself and us!”

The other defended him: “Don’t you fear God,” he said, “since you are under the same sentence? 714 more words

What Lies

What lies we weave, with skill disguising

what lies beyond death’s dark horizon,

seeking in obliteration

something more than life’s negation,

though we have a deep suspicion –

death ends life, by definition.



Alice was sleeping one day, which was odd in its own right as most sleep at night. Anyway she awoke to a most untoward disturbance. Ralph, her husband, was in bed next to her. 103 more words

Short Story

The Brimstone and Burning defined

This post is not about fear or indignation. It is about insight and education as to the definition of “eternal damnation” and “fire and brimstone” as referred to in the Bible and Book of Mormon. 384 more words

The Hereafter (Nonet)

By Christopher Rupley and DarkyBlue

Death is a dingy nexus between

us and an eternity of

the unknown, and we all share

what arrives unannounced – 48 more words


The Light

The Light

The goddam light is so bright, it’s like you’ve never seen a goddam light before, and all the “lights” you’ve been exposed your whole fucking life have been a lie. 610 more words

Social Commentary

Knock, Knock

The gateway loomed up over her, the intricate carvings over the onyx surface coaxing her eyes to wander over the jet surface, never staying in one place for long. 509 more words