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The Usual Event Madness

It’s not surprising that the first thing I did once I got home after I got changed and took care of washing my packed lunch’s container, was to dive headlong into the Spring 2015 Kantai Collection event. 154 more words

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Annoyance At the Apathy Of Accounting Departments

Well, barring the end of the day itself, yesterday was sure full of annoyances, for sure.

Since I woke up early in the afternoon, I figured that I’d personally follow up on the processing of my severance/back-pay from my previous company. 420 more words

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Shown The Way Out

I kind of expected it already, but as I guessed, the HR meeting at the end of the shift today was pretty much them confirming that, yes, I was out of the job, and now had to complete my clearance papers.   198 more words

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Facing That Music

So I’ve been informed about my meaning with the HR for the final decision of the upper management about my case: two in the afternoon, right after my shift.   260 more words

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A Case Of Timing

It’s a little funny. I managed to rouse myself from bed once the alarm on my phone started ringing.  This, despite the fact that I actually went to bed quite late — around two or so in the morning.   392 more words

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Punctuated, At Both Ends

Today started with a bit of rain, and ended with rain too.  

Although I woke up earlier than normal, half of that time got spent setting things up in Kantai Collection just in case I couldn’t play the game at the office (an altogether common occurrence these days). 322 more words

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Gone Mostly As I'd Hoped

It was cloudy when I woke up, enough that I worried that there would be rain by the time I left the house.  Turns out that the worry was a wee bit misplaced, and I was able to leave without issue, though my father did try to have me bring my umbrella.   482 more words

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