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“Afrofuturism has been used by artists, writers and thorists as a way to prophesize the future, redefine the present and reconceptualize the past.” – Studio Museum Harlem


Nalo Hopkinson's The Chaos

Nalo Hopkinson’s first foray into Young Adult fiction is a highly original, witty, surreal and absurd narrative of self-acceptance and tolerance. Sojourner “Scotch”(a hot Jamaican pepper, named after her dance moves) is a light-skinned teenager with a white Jamaican father and a black American mother living in Toronto. 268 more words

The ArchAndroid

I feel like I’ve been taking too many weeks off lately! Well, I had some kind of stomach bug that’s been going around, I guess, so I actually needed the week off for health reasons. 1,387 more words

"Rebel Music and the African Country" By Richard Ali

I have often thought about the role of an intellectual elite and I have come to believe the role of such an elite is to provide definitions. 2,494 more words

Jalada 02

Africa and its Mythological and Traditional Past: AfroSF

It was in class the other day that Maria had asked us whether the stories in AfroSF rejected their mythological and traditional past. After giving it some thought, I came to the conclusion the short stories in… 367 more words

Science Fiction