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Instagram is currently my favourite social media site, as it allows you to venture out of your bubble of friends, family, coworkers, and acquaintances you regret adding to your Facebook friends list.  395 more words

Cyberspace Is the Place? Afrofuturism in the 21st Century

“Planet Earth: sound of guns, anger, frustration. There was no one to talk to up on planet Earth who’d understand, so we set up a colony for black people here. 2,036 more words


The Black Renaissance is Here

by Stephanie Phillips Follow @stephanopolus

It happens every year; the same time every year. We know it so well; the lead up, the commotion and the eventual indifference. 1,395 more words

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Exclusive interview with dead prez

This week, I had the privilege of hosting an exclusive interview with M-1 and stic.man of activist rapper duo, dead prez. They are performing in Portland this Saturday and I know you want to know all the details about how they see themselves, Portland, and black activism for the future. Check it out!