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“In The Hermeneutics of African Philosophy, the Eritrean philosopher, Tsenay Serequeberhan (1994), correctly contends that “political ‘neutrality’ in philosophy, as in most other things, is at best a ‘harmless’ naïveté, and at worst a pernicious subterfuge for hidden agendas” (p.

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One of Those Days

Today was super-busy, and I just wanted to be comfortable. My hair was also a hot mess, so I wrapped it up in a plain black scarf – I just could… 113 more words

The Hip-Hop Fellow by 9th Wonder in Philadelphia Pa April 22, 2015



Zulu King 9th Wonder will be teaching in Philadelphia Pa, on the Standards of Hip Hop’s Course, Explores Hip Hop History,Culture and the role in an academic settings. 10 more words

Introduction to Africana

Welcome to my blog by the way, quick introduction i am Linda, a teenage African born and raised in Kenya where i currently live. This blog is going to be all about being an African and basically a way to share with the world the actual truth about living in a third world country from the perspective of a teenage girl. 175 more words


The Color of Feminism | The Women's International Perspective

For many years women all over the world have been fighting for their rights. As I was discussing gender equality with some classmates, I realised how Western women have achieved a lot compared to women in my country. 192 more words


Dr. Yosef A.A. ben-Jochannan, a.k.a. Dr. Ben joins the ancestors | New York Amsterdam News: The new Black view

After being bed-ridden and placed in a specialized care unit at the Bay Park Nursing Home for the past several weeks, legendary Kemetaphysician Dr. Yosef A.A. 403 more words