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Making It Big

Music as an art form and a way of self-expression is a universal language. It is a way of speaking to people and inspiring them. It is a platform to tell your story, saying what you feel, sharing a part of yourself through your emotions and at the same time eloquently portraying the feelings of your audience. 617 more words


Mozambican man, Emmanuel Sithole – Killed in a Xenophobic attack in South Africa.

Many stood watching, in shock and some even too scared to plead for these men to stop what they were doing to Emmanuel. The attackers stalked their prey waiting for the right moment to pounce on him and attack, and when they did, they were merciless. 483 more words


German mistake

While i was younger, my dad used to be a fan of the German national football team. They were called the German machines because of their efficiency on the pitch. 520 more words

The shocking theories of Victorian 'educated' minds

Theories developed in the Victorian age by the elite of society are mind bogglingly scary: social Darwinism, eugenics and scientific racism.  The elite of Victorian society wanting to control all people who were not of ‘high society’ and considering themselves superior to those beneath them, whether black or white. 467 more words

ZOO #12 : Hatred

In light of “xenophobic” attacks, the president gets reflective in this weeks ZOO, read it here at ZANews.