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Who were we?


My parents are black, as well as my siblings, and extended relatives. I have full lips, a big nose, and a big butt. 292 more words


Out of The Blue

I have some of the best and worst dressed coworkers at the little credit union I work for. out of no where denim daze (days) was extended and Ms. 26 more words


A Conversation About Race

A number of weeks ago the CEO of Starbucks came up with the absurd notion that his baristas could start a national conversation about race.  Conversations take time.  805 more words

Juneteenth Michigan Chapter to host 3rd annual charity golf outing

Wake up Detroit and celebrate African American Independence Day. The observance of Juneteenth is about the journey and achievement of African Americans – from a horrific period of sanctioned enslavement to the pinnacle of human endeavors. 301 more words


Town elects first black mayor, police force resigns.

Most of the police force and several officials resigned after the small town of Parma, Missouri elected its first African American woman, Tyrus Byrd, as mayor. 9 more words

African American

It's the Climb

Getting to where I need to be will be hard. But asking for and going after what I want will be the easiest thing I can do to make sure I get there… 875 more words

On My Own #patti #labelle #DeferredDreams 80s R&B: When The Music Starts I Just Have To…

Ch 30- On My Own

I love R&B and in the novel, Deferred Dreams, the Table of Contents is full of links to videos that coincide with the chapters. 44 more words

Deferred Dreams