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Give all you got!!

The sole purpose of the life of a candle is to destroy darkness.

And once it faces death, darkness again takes over.

But while it is alive, darkness can’t even come near it. 29 more words

Different Angles

Live Life to the Fullest

Yesterday on the news I heard that a plane had crashed into the mountains in the French Alps. A variety of people were on this plane including two babies, six crew members, and many other families and loved ones. 264 more words

Positive Attitude

11 - 25 March 2015

Dear Anxiety,

Hello again old friend. I see you have tried to make yourself known the last couple of weeks; testing me to the maximum to see if I will break by making me face the stress of life. 264 more words


1 Daunting Method To Create a Stronger YOU

I have a confession to make.

This is something that we often feel, but seldom say. It is an inevitable part of life and something that can be our greatest motivator or our greatest hindrance. 484 more words


30 days

I thought this might not happen, that you will not catch me.

Everything started with a “let’s try” and now ends with a “now, what?” 317 more words

Bella's Reflex

From Earthquakes to Campfires

Earthquakes. When earthquakes hit, you know it. You can feel the earthquake. Sometimes that’s how life feels. You feel like all of a sudden things are being stirred up and everything is so shaky. 993 more words


My Flaw

Sometimes I’m too focused on what I lack

And I spend too much time looking back

Sometimes I ignore what’s right in front of me… 107 more words