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Why I can't write these days

The group chat notifications kept pinging up as I keep on missing her. I came to realize how long I last written off my thoughts. Pouring out the things that sticked to my schema. 409 more words


I had a nightmare last night. This one was a bit different than the ones that usually plague my sleeping mind. I dreamed that my blog was exposed to the people in my real life. 286 more words

My fear killed a mouse

For Easter, we had thousands of Easter eggs filled with candy for the kids to hunt at our block party. In the midst of the chaos, some eggs were left behind. 485 more words


I am afraid.

I am afraid
of love and its double edge
the way it mirrors you
follows you
colours you
undoes you
destroys you.

I am afraid… 335 more words

Daily Logs

Working My Way Back

I’ve been listening to music that helps ground me. Pachelbel’s Canon in D, especially, makes me feel connected to reality. When I listen to it I can feel my fingers on the piano keys. 230 more words


I am numb now. Shut down. I keep putting my hand up to my chest to feel my heart beat so that I can be reminded that I’m here. 56 more words



yeah you are

For I’m being flattened under the feelings I have for you

If you can’t tell

I’m feeling you

Baby, I

Even drool… 97 more words