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Fear sucks (A Poem )

You’ve felt it before
Everybody has
It is like a great darkness.
It doesn’t sneak in,
It barges in
It is not afraid of anyone… 267 more words


A Question Posed

I went to the bookstore with its stacks of books waiting for fingers to open the covers and hearts to bury into each word. The man there, with his wobbly chin, and his hair that makes me think of hermits, looked through me. 194 more words


More Than Compassion

Talk is cheap unless you live out what you believe.  If you could emulate one person, Jesus set the bar for humanitarianism.   Displaying more than compassion, Jesus made himself available to those in need. 152 more words


I Ain't Afraid of No Spider

Remember that one time when I said I was occasionally going to blog about things other than aerial? Yeah, I lied. Even my non-aerial stories are about aerial. 393 more words

Be Successful


Art by- CJHeery.deviantart.com

I want to find the place where

all the shapes live inside of me,

so I can take them all out.

I will wrap each one with love, 201 more words


When a Girl Faces Her Fears

“Feel the fear and do it anyway.” I love that quote. I first saw it years ago and it has truly stuck with me. The times in my life where I have been pushed, where I have done something out of my comfort zone, when I have looked fear in the eyes and said, “LET’S GO!”…Those have been some of the most rewarding times in my life. 949 more words



Letting go of the past
All the pain and hurt
Throw away the journals
Erase the iPad

But, the memories still remain
Every word, every act against you… 50 more words

Mental Illnesses