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The Irregulars

Last year, in Kabul, a group of concerned citizens created a fund to subsidize police pay. The police salaries, when they were paid at all, weren’t enough to make ends meet for the officers, leaving them ripe targets for corruption, and leaving the people of Kabul to address much of the insecurity on their own. 1,973 more words


Flood panic in Kashmir, Centre sends rescue forces!

Flood panic in Kashmir, Centre sends rescue forces!

-Dr. Abdul Ruff Colachal


Jammu Kashmir is again in the grip of flood panic on March 30 as several areas of the Kashmir Valley and parts of Jammu were in deluge caused by rains due to which four people have died and fate of at least 13 others was unknown. 885 more words



Dear friends,

With this post I will share with you my Sunday impressions.

Yesterday I attended a ceremony dedicated to the memory of Farkhunda in the Swedish city of Gothenburg, in one it’s major squares called Gustav Adolf’s torg. 220 more words


Cool Deccani painting, 18th century: Alexander the Great holding the Cup of Jamshid


Through the ShahnamehAlexander, sometimes as an invading villain, sometimes as a great hero, (but then the Shahnameh is an intensely complex work morally), has entered the legend canon of all Persianate societies.   418 more words

In the News...Killing of journalists should be war crime – AP chief

The president and CEO of The Associated Press has called for changes to international laws that would make it a war crime to kill journalists or take them hostage. 95 more words

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