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The girl that ‘couldn’t stop swallowing’

As a third year university student, I was asked to write a feature article on an issue that youth face in the modern world. My choice was obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD). 1,140 more words


Strength through Weakness

When it comes to raising children, we’ve been told, “Affluence is a handicap you must work to overcome.” Kids who have everything are hard to motivate… 301 more words


View From The Trailer Park: "You Should Be Seeing Some Action Soon"

Cat Lady has just returned from the Village Council meeting where she learned some very interesting pieces of information.  Quite by coincidence, at the same time she was filing her complaint with the Attorney General regarding Cockroach LLC’s mistreatment of its Mushroom Acres tenants, the Village Attorney was filing his own complaint with the Mobile Home Commission.  819 more words

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Deal 237: Haiku

time flows past moments
that shape your life if you learn
present gets better

with intelligence
decisions get easier
be right more often

risks are rewarded… 18 more words

Daily Deal

View From The Trailer Park: Not the Only One to Go Missing

Well, it seems that the shoe is on the other foot, and two can play the hiding game.  There is another player in the Mushroom Acres saga who seems to have been “disappeared”–or at least nobody can get a hold of him, not even Cockroach LLC.  434 more words

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Deal 237 Preview

The Sphinx:
To KNOW Past experience.
To WILL Intelligence.
To DARE Affluence.
To KEEP SECRET Typewriter.

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View From The Trailer Park: They Have Us By the Short Hairs

Cat Lady had an interesting talk with “Sex Offender Sam” today while he was in the park passing out Spring Cleanup notices.  Despite what her neighbors say about him, she suspects that he is really one of the good guys in the sense that he admits to no liking for Cockroach LLC.  706 more words

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