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I’ve received more emails since the last time. More rude nasty emails. I responded this time telling him which specific words bothered me, and that he needed to lay off. 47 more words


Another Life

So I had this weird thought tonight. Have you ever been doing something at some point in the day and feel your heart flutter fast and think wow that’s super fast? 19 more words


can we be friends?

Dear Friend,

You asked whether a straight man and woman can be friends without it ever slipping into being more.

The answer: I don’t know. 685 more words


First Love

She walked towards the door of the old beat up semi-truck. Flashing her brightest smile as she put a bounce in her voice and climbed the steps she said, “Well, hello stranger, I haven’t seen you in these parts for quite some time now.” 471 more words


In about 8 weeks I will have to see him, again, this man I fell so much in love with, who has gone back to his wife. 365 more words

Contaminating the Fantasy (Part 2 – The AP)

“You do realize, that if you actually dated her, saw her on a regular basis, lived with her, that she would find some fault with you, right? 1,065 more words


Embarrassing Prom Trends from the Past

Prom is upon us. Every year the dresses get prettier and the stakes are higher to have ‘THE DRESS’ the whole school is talking about. But at what cost? 110 more words

Newly Engaged