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Audiobook Help Received

I have accepted a generous offer from Belle Rose Maltzman to do my audiobook of A Journey with Gnome. She is 10 years old, and talented. 104 more words


Missing Melody

His wedding band glinted in the vanishing moments of day. His fingers were restless on the keys as his memories clung to the sensual melody. His regret was as palatable as the vanilla and strawberry essence that whirled through the silence of their divided home. 54 more words

Musings In The Sand

Never Take Your Eyes off the Prize


“Yes, Babe?”

“Was that him?”

I caught myself holding my breath. I exhaled, letting all the pent up stress go…or what I could of it. 284 more words


I Was Shooting at the Wrong Target. 🙅🔫🎯🎯🎯

Sometimes when we are in a state of anxiety, we do stupid sh**.

About ten years ago, I discovered my then-husband was having an extramarital affair. 1,013 more words

Mistakes I've Made


I ran a marathon today.

26.2 miles.

I did it.

He wasn’t there.

I did it for me.

My Affair - Sometimes Life Gets in the Way

The grass in my backyard is overgrown from weeks of rain. I stood in my doorway, smoking, reflecting. I could have sworn I saw a faerie flitter across the luscious green landscape and I smiled. 794 more words


important dates.

He didn’t wish me a Happy Birthday.

I thought of him on his because we had grand plans. That didn’t happen.

Someone important in his life passed away. 65 more words