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I am realizing…it’s me. I am feeling detached. I am feeling distant. I am lonely. I am pulling away. And I use K as my excuse. 552 more words


Sharing is caring or is it?

 The big decision is who to talk to after you discover that your husband has been having an affair. Adrenaline may carry you through the first month or so, but after that you will need support from a confidante and the role of that person is to be a sounding board.  1,471 more words


Her: CAUTION: REACTIVE POST Because Reality Bites

You’ve read “Him” recent posts from an apology to his views on our latest dynamic. “Him” and I have differed greatly in our view of “us” and today I think we finally synced. 478 more words


The Things I Know

I know I’ve thought more about separating from The Player in the last week than I have in the last six months.

I know I love my husband. 114 more words


Woman of a strong sex drive (part 2)

Not long ago I published a post WOMAN OF A STRONG SEX DRIVE (PART 1).

It is about a Russian woman who became a muse and a lover of many talented people and after 1929 became known to the world as Gala Dali. 503 more words


Sean | My (Almost) Emotional Affair

Sean was one of my high school acquaintances. I don’t say friend, because we were not exactly friends. He pursued me ALOT during high school. For example, he would follow me around during my lunch period. 1,466 more words


The Affair you weren't Expecting

This weekend I was reminded of something very important about marriage at the Weekend to Remember in Omaha. We are always disgusted and shocked when we hear about a marriage that has crumbled to a sexual affair by one of the spouses. 491 more words