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Quantity Surveying is fun……….55% of the time. I am still a mere intern so perhaps the figure will go higher or lower as time goes by. 566 more words


The Top 10 Types of Extramarital Affairs and What Causes Them

The Top 10 Types of Extramarital Affairs and What Causes Them

What causes most affairs varies greatly. There is no one cause for an extramarital affair or why a person cheats. 743 more words


Myths and Facts About Cheating : The Top 10 Myths and the Top 10 Facts About Cheating

You can either be shocked by an infidelity, become devastated and make hasty decisions about what to do or try to understand why it happened and learn from it. 617 more words


To be or not to be...the Other Woman

To be or not to be – the other woman

I’m afraid that my years of dealing with love and relationships have really tarnished my morals. 311 more words

Sex - Society's Teaching

The Beginning

I don’t know why I’m writing this.  Maybe it’s something that I have to do; maybe I’m so vain as to feel the need to write about my life like someone would read it and care.  1,970 more words


I am not a mistress…or am I?

The word mistress has a certain ring to it. I can’t put my finger on it but it makes me think of mystery and deception all in one. 908 more words


fool's gold

a cold metal table separates our anxious hearts
an ocean between our realities
wild eyes firing frantic sparks into the night
grass greener than your unapologetic envy… 49 more words