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Weigh-In: 100.1Kg

I’m a bit heavier today, either through Lean Muscle gain or I’m having dinner too late at night. (Probably the second one) My Goal isn’t about the weigh-in, i am trying to lose body-fat, but since it is rather convenient to measure that daily I try and track through my body weight. 536 more words


Eyebags No More! (Tear Troughs Treatment)

Do you know what tear troughs is?

It is actually lower eyelid dark circles or dark hollows. I had tear troughs under my eyes for quite a time. 248 more words


Blanket (Jazz+Time+Space version)

Messing with Time+Space+Tonal Palette on this one….
Not many… if any… notes missing….
Basically an atonal jazz piece… in E minor… if you feel you absolutely HAVE to have a key…. 70 more words