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7 Disappointing Truths About Being Beautiful

I’d be lying if I said I didn’t think I was at least kind of hot. I’ve been a paid model, I’ve had plenty of boyfriends, and I was even voted “Best Looking” by my high school classmates. 984 more words

Moon Light Through Water Oaks And Mist

Moon Light through Water Oaks and Mist, North East Florida


Heavy horse

Georg Lukács, “Realism in the Balance” , in Theodor Adorno et al., Aesthetics and Politics, 41:

One inescapable consequence of an attitude alien or hostile to reality makes itself increasingly evident in the art of the ‘avant-garde’: a growing paucity of content, extended to a point where absence of content or hostility towards it is upheld on principle.

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The Bard and Bethesda: Throwback Analysis of "Dishonored," Part II.

You’ll recall that, a few days ago, I released the first part of a three-part analysis of “Dishonored” which I produced several years ago.  Today, I offer fans the second part of that analysis; following the third part, be on the lookout for up-to-date theory on what makes “Dishonored” an architecturally worthwhile piece of art. 4,614 more words


The Spirit of Nagging

Yes, I ought to do a proper current-events post, what with all the Russian guys getting shot and so on, but I have not been keeping up with current events this week, so here’s a cartoon about people who nag, and nag, and nag.