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TiVo Wants to Totally Change TV — Again

TiVo—remember them?—has plans to imitate Aereo, the live-TV streaming service whose business model was ruled illegal by the Supreme Court. TiVo CEO Tom Rogers told… 247 more words

Aereo & Broadcasters Reach $950K Settlement Deal

A year less a day after the Barry Diller-backed streaming service argued in front of the Supreme Court over the broadcasters’ claims of copyright violation, the… 423 more words

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Aereo Settles $99 Million Copyright Claims With CBS, FOX, ABC For $950K

Even though poor little Aereo — the once-promising live TV streaming service — was gutted by a 2014 U.S. Supreme Court ruling has already been… 259 more words

FCC Proposes Treating Online TV Like Cable TV; Amazon Objects If It'll Stop You From Binge-Watching 'The Wire'

There’s another internet-related firestorm a-brewing at the FCC. This one is not as broad or as contentious as the now infamous net neutrality ruling, but it is bringing all the big players out to have their say. 1,128 more words

Mucha 'face' y poco 'book'

Horas después del accidente aéreo del avión de la compañía Germanwings tan solo deberíamos estar hablando de las 150 familias sacudidas por la tragedia, del rescate de sus cuerpos y de las causas del siniestro. 478 more words

TiVo Gets Approval From Bankruptcy Court Judge To Buy Some Aereo Assets

If Aereo wasn’t dead already, the announcement from TiVo that it’s successfully snagged the former streaming service’s trademarks and customer lists will certainly send any hopes that the company could resurrect itself six feet into the ground. 468 more words