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DAY 3: first "real" day

day 3 feels like the first “real” day of this challenge.

it’s the first day where i wasn’t running all over the place all day and didn’t have to be anywhere or do anything after work. 1,316 more words

24-Day Challenge


Yup, it’s official. I’m the worst blogger ever. In my defense i have been crazy busy with work and finishing up the semester, but I’m finally on summer vacation, so no more excuses. 90 more words


The Jouney Continues...

Hi all!  Thank you for continuing to follow my blog.  I know I don’t post as often as most bloggers, but I promise I’m working on it.  688 more words


Advocare Cleanse Day 4!

Well I’m definitely into the busy part of my week. Today will be interesting with work, gym and softball practice. Oh and there’s a vendor show at the Shrine tomorrow. 178 more words


DAY 2: sinking in

didn’t sleep well, again. still over-thinking about messing up the challenge and now i’m over-thinking everything i notice going on with my body. is that supposed to happen? 1,112 more words

24-Day Challenge

DAY 1: let's DO this!



well, i was just too hyped up and anxious about doing this challenge right to sleep well the night before. my biggest fear is that i won’t eat the right healthy food at the right time or drink enough water in order to not feel any possible side effects from the supplements i’m going to start taking. 1,780 more words

24-Day Challenge