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10 Ways To Love Yourself More This Year

1. Don’t Be So Hard On Yourself: It’s really easy to focus on your flaws, imperfections, pimples, and other things you hate about yourself. But harping so much on negative traits never got anybody anywhere. 720 more words

Personal Growth

The Art Of Patience

Andrew Solomon, who is a well decorated and popular author, gave a speech at this year’s Whiting Writers’ Awards. After, it was adapted into an article… 533 more words


LOVE. In all caps.

Hi Cyber Sweeties,

The flavor of the week is LOVE in all its forms and glory. Later this week I will share a question I have received from the community concerning love conundrums as well as big-eyed songbird stories of yore and hearts and magic. 478 more words


physics + maths = architecture?

How often do you read/hear the following from high school students or prospective architecture students “Do you have to be really good at physics and maths? 492 more words


Dealing with Stress?

People often feel a sense of helplessness or isolation about the stress they feel, whether it comes from work, from family, from financial constraints, or from your health. 1,050 more words


Hobbies! What Hobbies I Do With ADD

So, with ADD I get distracted a lot. I leave things unfinished. It’s hard to follow through because I just either am not very motivated or I see something more interesting I want to do. 170 more words


Advice or Tips

If you have any good advice or tips for video games please comment below. It doesn’t matter what game its for or what console it can be played on. 46 more words