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Breathtaking Music

What a way to spend the evening of the summer solstice! Tonight we heard the Durham University Symphony Orchestra performed the Planets by Gustav Holst in the Durham Cathedral. 149 more words

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Field Trip Friday #29 - Hadrian's Wall

Well today was our last official field trip adventure with Mr. Ray.  It was also one of the few Fridays that Rob has been able to head out with us all.   359 more words

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Field Trip Friday # 26 Back at the Quay

Yesterday was one of the few Friday’s that Rob has been available to journey along with us.  We had an opportunity to go back to the Trincomalee in the Historic Hartlepool Quay.   281 more words

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Seaham - Lord Byron and the Londonderry connection

It was so nice to get back over the Seaham yesterday.  I am very glad we took advantage of the warm and sunny weather although, both children got somewhat sunburnt.   329 more words

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Field Trip Friday # 25

Today was an absolutely gorgeous day!  The seagulls were flying over head, beckoning us to come to the sea side.  So our dear Mr. Ray came to our humble homeschool and picked us up for yet another Field Trip Friday adventure. 371 more words

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Field Trip Friday # 24 Pit Ponies

It was another trip back in time today. Back in time to the days of the colliery pit ponies. Mr. Ray took us back around to Beamish. 157 more words

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O sole mio

I thought that I had nothing to blog about today…..

until I headed in to the Cathedral for volunteer work today.  Durham Cathedral sits on a peninsula on a bend in the River Wear (long e).   279 more words