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Academy Tales, Pt. 1

The soft whirring of the minivan’s engine, the abundance of green foliage and velvety hills, and the chatter of voices filled the sounds and sights of the moment. 849 more words

The False Teachers: Charles Taze Russell

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charles taze russell

Charles Taze Russell was born on February 16, 1852 in Allegheny, Pennsylvania, the second of five children born to Joseph and Ann Russell. 1,216 more words


All In Vain

If you want to work at Timber Ridge Camp, there are two things you have to do.

 1: You have to love God.

2: You have to love kids.

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5 Things about the Seventh Day Adventist

 5 Things about  the Seventh Day Adventist

And he said unto them, Full well ye reject the commandment of God, that ye may keep your own tradition. 2,799 more words


The False Teachers: Ellen G. White

By Tim Challies, Reposted from Challies.com

A few weeks ago I set out on a new series of articles through which I intend to scan the history of the church—from its earliest days all the way to the present time—to examine some of Christianity’s most notorious false teachers. 1,473 more words


Whatever Happened to the Second Coming?

This morning, as I was playing with my kids, I decided to ask the old “where do you want to live when you grow up?” question. 1,634 more words


If A Woman Can't Be Ordained, She Can't Be Married

“…the reality is that whoever wrote this letter, they (in the same fashion as Paul in 1 Corinthians) were expressing a ‘desire’, not an imperative they believed was sent from God or even official church teaching they were passing on.

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