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Spring Fever – There’s an App for That

No question – this has been a long hard winter here in the South. Many of my patients who usually exercise are telling me that this winter they haven’t been doing so because of the weather. 397 more words

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Repairing Heart Valves without Opening Chests

For older patients, open heart surgery can be risky and require extended stays in the hospital.

A new, advanced procedure offered at Roper Hospital reduces these patients’ recovery time and will help them live longer, healthier lives. 452 more words

Advances In Healthcare

Breathe Easier!

Roper St. Francis’ affordable new lung cancer screenings will help save lives.

It’s early November and the pink ribbons so prevalent throughout October are still hanging around. 338 more words

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Fighting for a World Without Alzheimer’s Disease

Alzheimer’s disease affects more than five million Americans. This disease destroys brain cells, resulting in the deterioration of the victims’ intellectual functions and they’re ability to interact with others. 244 more words

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Hush, We’re Healing

When you approach Roper St. Francis Mount Pleasant Hospital, you get the feeling you’re about to check into a health spa or swanky hotel. That’s because this is not your ordinary hospital. 404 more words

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Google Doc

Dr. Ken Mitchell thinks his new Google Glass really looks cool. But moreover, he believes this cutting-edge technology will ultimately improve patient care.

Maybe you’ve seen somebody wearing Google Glass, the lightweight spectacles that allow the wearer to search and scan the web as it appears in the upper right-hand corner of the glasses. 277 more words