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BPF30 Melee Near The Coast AAR - the superior mobility of the IJA

The time was 25 August 1937.  This was the second time the IJA attacked Shanghai.  The IJA Shanghai Expeditionary Forced landed troops around Liuhe (浏河), Wusong (吳淞) and Chuanshakou (川沙口) as a diversionary to draw GMT troops away from Shanghai.   645 more words

Advanced Squad Leader

Game Designer Carl Nogueira was asked "What do you like about ASL?"

Likes, damn near all of it, but I’ll try to focus:

The way in which the game is layered: The rules are complex, master that, the tactics are complex, master that, the psychology of the game can be challenging too. 477 more words

Advanced Squad Leader

March Madness 2015 Videos

March Madness is a hugely popular Advanced Squad Leader tournament, held annually in Kansas City.

This one’s done by Tom Meier, the preview.


This one’s a tribute, done by K Scott Mullins, aka GrumbleJones


Advanced Squad Leader

Dinant : Chasseurs on the Meuse AAR

Calm down, you didn’t miss it.  Dinant is not out yet.

Dinant is a project in development.  Dan Dolan’s the designer, Nadir Elfarra did the map and Carl Nogueira, the campaign game.   1,237 more words

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