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The Importance of Simplicity

“Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.” ~ Leonardo da Vinci

Often, amateur photographers are tempted to just swipe out their wide angle and take a huge sweeping shot from a stunning vista.  235 more words


Gestalt Theory - and how Photographers Use it

Gestalt theory is a type of psychology that determines how humans tend to see things and organize things together in a chaotic world.  Many of the compositional techniques we use today in photography are derived from these principles. 355 more words


Where to Place Focal Points

When we start out in photography, we all learn the rule of thirds, that we should place our focal points at the 4 intersecting points.  Here are some more methods for placing your focal points. 169 more words


Honing your Eye for Composition

When I started in photography, I quickly learned all the rules of composition, like the rule of thirds, leading lines, and what not.  But I felt like it wasn’t enough. 217 more words


No, No, No Fish = ?

In Advanced Composition, we play a version of Pictionary to help us master our course vocabulary.

As soon as the student who drew this turned around, her group yelled: Fallacies!   36 more words


Fail Successfully

So, here is another advanced comp assignment I did. Another timed essay. Here it is, complete as I submitted it. I wrote it on why failing is more advantageous than success. 659 more words


When Pen Is Put to Paper

So, this is another piece of writing I did for Advanced Composition. It technically is still a draft but I figure I’ve edited it enough to post here. 758 more words