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The Rest of Us Just Live Here

The Short Version: Sure, we always follow the story of the hero or the Chosen One… but what about the other kids? The ones who also live in the town but are more concerned with cute boys/girls, friendship, finals, prom, graduation, etc? 1,047 more words


The Familiar, Vol. 1: One Rainy Day in May

The Short Version: On a very rainy day in Los Angeles, a young girl named Xanther spends the day with her father before discovering and saving a baby kitten. 1,270 more words


Look Who's Back

The Short Version: In 2011, Adolf Hitler wakes up in a vacant lot in Berlin. People assume he’s a satirist; he’s just doing his thing. Then he gets on TV – and hijinks ensue. 1,315 more words


King- Jungle Jim #3 (Dynamite, 2015)

King- Jungle Jim #3 (Dynamite)

Story : Paul Tobin

Art : Sandy Jarrell and Luigi Anderson

Reviewed by Sir James

Ladies and scoundrels!! Welcome to this advance review. 368 more words


The Making of Zombie Wars

The Short Version: Joshua lives in Chicago and has a decent enough life. He teaches ESL, comes up with ideas for screenplays in a screenwriting group (although rarely actually commits to writing them), and has a loving girlfriend. 1,101 more words


Book Review: The Day We Disappeared by Lucy Robinson

The Day We Disappeared by Lucy Robinson
Publisher:  Penguin
Release Date:  4 March 2015 for ebook and 9 April 2015 for paperback
Rating:  5/5
Synopsis:  567 more words

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Batgirl #41 Variant Cover Rebuttal

Originally published at Infinite Comix on March 17, 2015. 

Author’s note for meganhomolka blog: The variant cover I am referencing was originally published with the article on Infinite Comix. 1,169 more words