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Wally Byam Airstream Trailer Caravan

In my photo slide show video called Wally Byam Airstream Trailer Caravan, there are 40 various photos I took of many Airstream Trailers, whose owners had gathered in Baker City, Oregon in July 2011 to celebrate the birthday of Wally Byam, a man who invented the Airstream Trail and was born in Baker City on the 4th of July. 87 more words

Baker City

Scott’s Feet

In my photo slide show video called Scott’s Feet; there are 23 various photos I took of my feet wearing sandals while standing on interesting pieces of concrete, rocks, steps and other interesting objects in downtown Baker City, Oregon in August of 2012. 63 more words

Baker City

Oregon Gold Panning Championship (2011-2012)

In my photo slide show video called Oregon Gold Panning Championship; there are 26 various photos I took of the 2011 and 2012 Eastern Oregon State Gold Panning Championship that happened during Miner’s Jubilee at Geiser-Pollman Park in downtown Baker City, Oregon. 94 more words

An Open Book

On the news the other day was a segment about how parents can monitor all that their children do on their phones with an app. This includes seeing their text messages, their internet history, their social media accounts, and even stuff they’ve deleted. 444 more words


Random Ramblings...

There’s some things going on in our household that are new to me. Somethings I can’t quite speak out about, but definitely not things I’d like to be going on. 419 more words

Eating Disorders Can Eat Away Someone's Life

Last week was Eating Disorder Awareness week (Feb. 21-27), and a lot of people don’t know much about eating disorders. A lot of it has to do with how complex it is, and how every person who struggles from it is different. 957 more words


Technology: Society's New Scapegoat?

It’s a popular viewpoint that technology has ruined us as a society. It is responsible for our insecurities, loneliness, jealousy, and indifference. Social media sites are soul sucking enterprises, taking away our very humanity. 2,820 more words