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Being an adult sucks balls!

What do you do when you feel like you’re going nowhere with your life? I just found out that I won’t be able to attend summer school because I owe them money that I can’t afford to pay yet. 94 more words

365 Day Challenge: Day 15 - Playground Punches

I try to write these blogs as if I have no idea who is reading them but that’s not always easy. There are days when the things I need to get out are also the things I need to keep inside the deepest. 1,275 more words

Social Media Challenge


Occasionally the feeling returns.

The eyes, the stares and the dreadful thirst.

Part of me is still on that stage, even though I have turned the page. 83 more words



Hey you.

Don’t look so blue.

Don’t let the stress of this life consume you.

Take a deep breath.

It’s okay, not to have it all figured out. 65 more words


Don't Take My Middle Age Away!

I was reading an interesting blog post the other day about a woman who is struggling with the realization that she is now middle aged.  I was completely identifying with it until I got to the part where she mentioned that she is “coming up on forty.” 416 more words

Middle Age

Are You An Adult?

This weekend I went back to hang with my college friends. We range from the mid 20’s to around 50. The question was posed: At what point in your life are you an adult? 523 more words


Monday Motivation!

I came across my “before” picture today. It really helps to see a NSV (non scale victory) every now and then!  Try on your skinny jeans, compare the size of your face, or you can check how your rings fit.   26 more words