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"Mom, put down your phone!"

What you are about to read is just something that has been on my heart to share for quite some time and I figured I would put it out there before it ate me alive. 992 more words


Adulthood another word for EXHAUSTED!

Does anyone ever feel like you can’t seem to quite figure out when it really happened? When did it hit you? Hit you that you had to do for yourself? 490 more words


I Heard a Millennial Joke Today...

What does a millennial and a bicycle seat have in common?

They’re both under enormous debt.



A Harsh Lesson on Love

Today marks a significant day in my life. February 27th seems to encapsulate every milestone since my 15th birthday. It marks the birth of the most amazing blessing in my life; my little sister, my motivator and inspiration. 903 more words



Its been a hectic couple of weeks…what with the submission of my thesis proposal and all. Yes graduate school is no child’s play. I am glad that I can still get some time to write and today I want to talk about a topic that has been on my mind because of my thesis, TRANSITIONS!!! 643 more words


Day 58


´╗┐Today I am grateful I made it to work safely.

The only time I hate my 20 minute commute to work is when the weather outside turns frightful and that 20 minutes becomes a slick, treacherous, and frosty 45 minute drive. 95 more words