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Experiencing God's Love Washed

Source Text – Psalm 51, Luke 15:11-32

Question – what is the dirtiest you have ever been?

(Farming, playing rugby, working in the garden, maybe some of you have worked in a coal mine or a quarry.) 2,026 more words

Sunday Takeaways

Zoe, and eating her pie

Among other topics will be discussed tonight. I just finished telling her how much I loved lapping at her pie this afternoon and early evening. It started with just talking to Zoe about how much I loved her feet, her self, and worshipping her. 221 more words

My guardians

I was talking to BFF’s A & S on Friday night.

My life is completely blessed for having friends like them. I’m not quite sure what I did to deserve them, but I must have done something really good. 550 more words

A Flaw For A Flaw....

A flaw for a flaw, that’s what my husband requested.  I have a lot of flaws, one of them is not keeping appointments and having no idea what the date is at any given time.  656 more words


My husband has gone away today, he’s flown to the states for 5 nights. Travelling across America has been a childhood dream of his (granted the travelling will be minimal in 5 days but hey), and despite our current situation there hasn’t been a day that’s passed over the past 7 weeks that he hasn’t asked me to go with him. 125 more words


Marriage Problems

Numbers 5:14
“If the spirit of jealousy comes upon him and he becomes jealous of his wife, who has defiled herself; or if the spirit of jealousy comes upon him and he becomes jealous of his wife, although she has not defiled herself” 1,074 more words


Unbreak my heart

I miss him. I was at a dinner party tonight. I was surrounded by couples. There were several times during dinner where I wanted to just crumble and cry. 535 more words