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A Fun Reminder

I haven’t talked about Jenn in a long, long time.  You probably don’t don’t even remember the last time I wrote about her, I know I don’t. 667 more words


I'm an Adult and I Can't Dress Myself

When do you really become an adult? Is it when you get your first real job?  Sign your first least?  Finally rent a car? Never? Personally, I’ll know I’m there when I master dressing appropriately for the weather. 391 more words

Euphoria by Lily King

Reviewed by Marcy (Library Staff)

I love it when I get a book that takes you off the beaten path. King borrows from the adventures of anthropologist Margaret Mead in a story about three anthropologists studying a tribe in New Guinea. 95 more words

The Price of Individuality

Hey there folks!

You know what is kind of funny? When I was younger I hated the idea of being lumped in the same category with others. 543 more words


Seoul: BANANA MILK (a.k.a. Day 1)

Tis the start of this Seoul trip (day 1…is like night 1.)

I felt so bad but we finally met up with an Auntie (my mom’s friend) at the hotel who had been waiting for us. 339 more words


The Irrelevancy of the Conventional: Chipping Away at Routine.

I’m currently stretched out upon a couch at my University while preparing for a meeting that I have in an hour or so, a meeting for this club that I’m President of. 1,646 more words


#HeyItsOkay ... to not have anal sex

I think I was embarrassingly old before I realised that straight couples have anal sex too. The idea didn’t horrify me but it did confuse me a bit. 383 more words