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The Submission of Hannah | part 1

The Submission of Hannah | Jolie Cain
Art by Samarel

Part 1 

She first saw him at a local bar. Chippy’s was a local hangout, and she had gone there one Friday night after work with some co-workers. 2,792 more words

Samarel Art

Teasing bikini babes in the hot tub

Vicky placed her phone back down on the table after receiving an update from the ship’s captain.
“Vicky, do you need to go wish your guests farewell?” I asked. 1,182 more words

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Free eBook: ménage à trios: the tease

From Feb 18th through 21st, my eBook ménage à trios: the tease is available free at the following Amazon Kindle Stores:

  1. United States
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  4. 11 more words

Long Fat Tuesday is available as a Free eBook

From Valentines Day through Fat Tuesday (Mardi Gras), my book Long Fat Tuesday is available as a Free eBook.

From Valentines Day through Fat Tuesday (Mardi Gras), my book… 31 more words


The Trucker (Book Excerpt)

The Trucker

The roar of the truck was deafening; the wind created by its passing almost blew her off the shoulder of the road and into the ditch. 2,385 more words


Dazed But Not Confused (Book Excerpt)

Dazed But Not Confused

“Good bye.”

The finality in Meaghan’s parting words pushed any shred of hope from my aching heart. I leaned against the doorjamb and tears flowed down my face like water. 570 more words


A little physical education | Candy Calling

I was in my second semester of teaching Cambridge Highs physical education class to a group of repeating seniors, for some it was even their third attempt at graduating. 1,855 more words

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