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Is it Okay to Lie? Part 1

How was your weekend with your dad?” Fair question—unless your parents are divorced. Then the question’s safety rating matches, “Honey, have I put on weight? 457 more words

Adult Children Of Divorce

A Thank You to Divorced Dads This Father’s Day

My dad divorced my mom, but never divorced me and my sisters. Given my ministry and the stories I hear and read, I’m very, very thankful for a dad who pushed through his own animosity toward my mom, and kept the relationship between us and him alive. 178 more words

Adult Children Of Divorce

Do You Know About Judith Wallerstein?

Judith Wallerstein is considered one of the foremost experts on the impact of parental divorce on kids after they grow up. Back in the year 2000, “ 312 more words

Adult Children Of Divorce

Divorce Now or Divorce Later: It Still Hurts the “Kids”

The combination of reading an article on a pair of eighty-year-olds who divorced, being in graduation season which creates empty nests and the temptation to bolt for unhappy spouses, and a recent conversation with an adult whose parents waited until he was grown to split, urged me to offer the article below that was posted this week. 123 more words

Adult Children Of Divorce

Are you Having Graduation Déjà vu?

It’s graduation season and Dr. Michael Rubino’s article “Your Divorce is Not Part of Your Teen’s Graduation” reminded me of my own experience. 511 more words

Adult Children Of Divorce

6 Adult Children Of Divorce Share What They’ve Learned Along The Way

I have recently begun writing about my experience navigating the murky waters of my parents divorce. One of the ways that I have been learning about the situation I find myself in has been to reach out to my friends, and to find support from others who have also gone through all of the confusing emotions, guilt, sadness, and discomfort that comes with being an adult when your parents split up. 1,721 more words

This Is How Divorce Hurts When You're An Adult

My life has always been divided into sets of two: rooms, toys, clothes, chores, moms, dads, hugs. I am the child of divorced parents. In many ways, I consider myself to have been lucky that my parents divorced before I was old enough to have memories of them being together. 1,322 more words