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6 Adult Children Of Divorce Share What They’ve Learned Along The Way

I have recently begun writing about my experience navigating the murky waters of my parents divorce. One of the ways that I have been learning about the situation I find myself in has been to reach out to my friends, and to find support from others who have also gone through all of the confusing emotions, guilt, sadness, and discomfort that comes with being an adult when your parents split up. 1,721 more words

This Is How Divorce Hurts When You're An Adult

My life has always been divided into sets of two: rooms, toys, clothes, chores, moms, dads, hugs. I am the child of divorced parents. In many ways, I consider myself to have been lucky that my parents divorced before I was old enough to have memories of them being together. 1,322 more words

If You'd Known More About the Divorce Process, Would it Have Helped?

I am asking for your response to the questions below, but first this is why I am asking.

I’m taking graduate classes for a masters in clinical psychology. 145 more words

Adult Children Of Divorce

Happy Mother's Day to the Four Mothers in my Life

To my Mom, thank you for being a mom who loved me in spite of the grief I put you through because of the divorce. I miss you. 166 more words

Adult Children Of Divorce

The Best Graduation Gift? Stop Your Plan to Divorce!

Graduation season is coming and all across this nation seniors, like yours, are looking ahead to new friends, sweatshirts with the school logo, and Ramen… 511 more words

Adult Children Of Divorce

What do Hillary Duff and Good Charlotte have in Common?

Though there are many, two recent divorce announcements have caught my attention.

The first was the potential divorce of Nicole Richie (Lionel Richie’s daughter) and Joel Madden from Good Charlotte. 613 more words

Adult Children Of Divorce

Triggering to the Truth - Audio

Triggers can be problematic for adult children of divorce and toxic to their relationships.

This program contains my talk about triggers and how they impact adults with divorced parents. 42 more words

Adult Children Of Divorce