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Yes, I have My Own Social Worker

Can I brag for a moment about my county’s foster care office?  Sure, there are hiccups (it is part of the government bureaucracy, after all), but they have social workers whose only job is to be advocates and resources for foster parents!   196 more words

No Adoption for You, Foster Child

How do you explain reunification to a child who desperately wants to trade in his parents and be adopted by his foster parents?  You can’t blame him for rejecting abusive/neglectful parents and wanting parents who keep him safe.   576 more words

Why Adopting from Foster Care is Awesome!!!

Erin at No Bohn’s About It made a super fun (and true!) list of The Best Things about Adopting Through Foster Care.  I’ve added a few more reasons.   156 more words

The Surprises of Being a Foster Parent

When you become a foster parent, you are prepared for the big changes, but it’s the little things that can really surprise you.  Why weren’t these silly-but-true gems covered during foster care training? 1,899 more words

Adopting Siblings from Foster Care

Adopting siblings from foster care is a super fabulous option for families looking for lots of love and fun.  Keeping brothers and sisters together is critical, but sometimes social workers have concerns.   899 more words

The One Who Changed Me

Everywhere I look, I do a double take. I see a red truck I look to see if it is BM, I see a mom and her kid, I look and try to see a resemblance in my own daughter. 433 more words

Adoption = Interview with Anna

Recently, I had the pleasure of catching up with Anna, a fellow WordPress blogger, to talk about adoption.

Casey: So, Anna, tell me a little about your adoption. 1,605 more words