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"... if a mother loves the child, she wont go through with it."

This image has been forever burned in my mind. J knew what she was doing. And she did it out of love for her child. The state of Oklahoma gave J and her parents a lot of extra things to do.

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the before

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about ‘the before’. Particularly two ‘before”s.

I want to see if I can tackle this today, but I’m not quite sure how I’m going to pull that off when I’m thinking as I’m typing. 880 more words


How do I put this delicately...

Hi all, Hubby again.  This is a quick note about something I needed to get off of my chest. Don’t worry– if you’re reading this, it’s not directed specifically to you.   553 more words


I Believe In Miracles

I believe in miracles. I’m not talking about coincidence, fate or the aligning of the stars. I believe that no matter how fierce the storm, how ill prepared we are for life, or the face of evil, God holds us gently in his arms and guides us through everything, whether we are aware of it or not. 387 more words


The first week

Sorry for the long update but we’ve just settled into our place this weekend, so I’m gonna go back to last week’s departure.

It’s now been just over a week since we left our home in North Vancouver to move to Zambia for 5-6 months. 894 more words


A Good Mama

Little D’s chicken, Snow White, went “broody” about a month ago…this means she started collecting eggs and sitting on them to hatch them. Unfortunately, without a rooster none of our eggs can hatch, I’ll spare you the chicken reproductive system. 825 more words


Why Don't They Go Back Where They Came From (LMFAO)?

Not only are we sick of immigrants, but adding insult to injury they come here and do not adopt our ways, expect us to tolerate their ways, they do not integrate, do not leave their mother country behind and repatriate millions of dollars each year back to their home and, worse, maintain allegiance to the mother country (which they have never been to even though GOD has chosen it for them). 94 more words