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Adoption = Heartbreak, Part 2

Watching the process of healing—especially when progress is slow—can bring molar-grinding frustration. Last night, I was incredibly discouraged. Our little guy has been doing so… 525 more words



I cried with him in my arms until he fell asleep. Then I cried some more and held him until my arms fell asleep.

I cried while I was bathing him and I cried in the shower. 148 more words


Our silence, an adoption killer.

A man walked along a quiet beach, every so often picking up the starfish that had found themselves stranded outside the reach of the water. He’d throw them back into the waves and carry on with his journey, repeating the rescue whenever he came across another victim. 872 more words


Adoption = Heartbreak, Part 1

High stress situations trigger our little guy’s PTSD.

In the beginning, high stress was pretty much anything other than staying home with Mama. I spent hours at the elementary school, trying to convince the administration not to cut his day in half. 951 more words


Adoption—can happiness be learned?

Yes, happiness can be learned. Our involvement in activities has a direct bearing on our state of mind, level of joy, amusement, satisfaction, gratification, euphoria, and triumph. 380 more words


Adoptive Parents

My parents introduced me to Christ, or maybe it is more accurate for me to say, they helped me find Him in churches, in work, in friendships, in family.   927 more words