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I found something intresting

I found an adoption-group BUT the most of the members were birth-parents. It’s very interesting to read their opinions and thoughts because I’ve only heard the adoptees and the adoptive parents point of view. 82 more words


Oh, these faces!

Two more kitten faces from last Saturday.  The little calico girl was getting ready to go home, the black and white boy was waiting – someone had come in and loved him and his all-black sister, and gone home to think about taking them both.

Adopt Cats Catonsville

Noman the Snowman - Chapter 2

Chapter 2

‘I like you,’ Alfie said to Noman.

Alfie loved Noman’s stick arms. Alfie loved to pick up a stick every time he went for a walk. 633 more words

Stories For My Grandkids

Coyote's Trip Home

“It was weird. I found myself going down the driveway to Hidden Oaks. I wanted to meet Coyote,” Diane told me. And that is how Coyote found his way to his new home. 718 more words

Helping Horses

Relax and enjoy

I was very tired yesterday and it feels like I’ve never slept so good. Today is my unhealthy day, I skip the gym, eating chocolate just so I can relax without the fact that you have to be healthy all the time. 232 more words


Not looking like your family

One thing of all the bad parts about being adopted is that you may not look like your siblings or parents. People say that I look like my brother and my sister just because they know we are from the same country. 150 more words