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Kristijan Krkač, 28. 05. 2015. Zagreb, Maksimir

Milijardu i dvije stotine milijuna Indijaca očito ne znaju, a ako su ikad i znali zaboravili su, koje su tekovine antifašizma. 382 more words

Adolf Hitler, not the Frankfurt School, Was the Real Cause of Downfall of the White Right.


There is a prevailing view among the antisemitic and some of the counter-Jewite Right that the decline and dissipation of the white race and Western culture are the invariable result of the influence of the Frankfurt School. 3,678 more words

Andrzej Wajda’s KATYN, a Polish Masterpiece.


Some people may regard Wajda’s Katyn as ‘too little, tool late’, and it’s not hard to understand why. The mass killing of Polish officers happened long ago, and the official line during the yrs under communism was that the Nazis were to blame and Soviets were the liberators. 3,434 more words

We Must Call the Media Out as Controlled-by-Jews


It’s not enough to talk about the LIBERAL MEDIA. We all know that MSM is liberal-biased. What is truly dangerous is not so much that the media is dominated by liberals but that it is mostly owned and dominated by liberal and leftist JEWS. 1,805 more words

An Adolf Hitler Ice Cream Cone Is Now On Sale In India

Adolf Hitler-brand ice cream cones are on sale in India, and predictably, people are really upset about it.

Pictures of Hitler Ice Cream Cones, which prominently feature a picture of the Führer himself, have been making their way around the internet. 306 more words

Web Culture

Economic history vs. cultural history: the case of Nazi Germany and its informal empire in Spain

One of the least attractive features of popular culture is its fixation on the lurid and demonic.  I need not belabor this point, for it is possible to study political history (including military history) while entirely ignoring the everyday, less glamorous factors such as trade policy and its impact on everything else, including the rise and fall of dictators, of empires, and jazzy generals. 597 more words

Spanish Civil War

What Could Have Been, and Still Can Be

Wherefore Hitler?

The story so far: the twentieth century dawned on a White Imperium, in which most of the world was dominated by a racially-conscious league of men who had the enthusiastic support of the people in their quest for material progress and mastery over the powers of nature. 945 more words