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No True Scotsman Fallacies

Sometimes in debates religious debates people claim that Hitler was an Atheist, but this is simply not true. The evidence for this claim is pretty much nothing, the evidence against it is that Hitler forced religion on public schools and on his army, he made his army ‘swear by God’ and carry crosses with Swastikas on them, and not to mention that his army wore belts with ‘Got Mitt uns’ on it, which meant ‘God is with us’. 173 more words


Hitler, Our Disciple

A few months before the second U.S. invasion of Iraq in 2003, the German justice minister Herta Daubler-Gmelin compared the methods of then-president George W. Bush to those of Adolf Hitler: “Bush wants to divert attention from his domestic problems. 525 more words

War Culture

10 Fakta Mengejutkan Mengenai Adolf Hitler

Dunia sedia maklum mengenai manusia berbangsa Jerman bernama Adolf Hitler ini. Ada yang menganggap dirinya sebagai diktator dan ada yang juga sebaliknya. Rupa-rupanya, masih banyak fakta mengejutkan mengenai si misai kontot ini, yang belum diketahui oleh ramai orang. 18 more words


Adolf Hitler's Lost Grandson?

Something that’s often said about Adolf Hitler  is “oh, thank goodness he didn’t ever reproduce.”


Turns out he apparently had an affair with a French woman during WWI, who wound up having a child that Hitler never outwardly acknowledged (though the SS did give her bundles of money during the war). 53 more words

Notes And Homework

Nazi Propaganda Analysis

Please answer the questions on this document regarding the following ten images. The titles are underneath the propaganda. This will be worth 10 points extra credit on your WWII exam. 72 more words

Notes And Homework

Story of the Woman in Gold

This week’s cheap movie Tuesday pick was Woman in Gold. From the moment Helen Mirren (Maria Altmann) appears, speaking graveside at the funeral of her sister, throwing dirt on a coffin with a six-pointed star, I am immediately pulled into her story. 330 more words


Judge approves 'Killing Jews' posters on New York subways and buses paid for by pro-Israel group

New Yorkers are used to aggressive advertising. Banners for breast implants. Billboards for condoms. But a federal judge’s ruling has opened the door for far more controversial posters on buses and subways across the city. 1,066 more words