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Dear Baby Me: October 21, 1996

Dear Journal,
I’m going to name you. Like Anne Frank or Zlata Filipovic. But you’re going to have a boys name. Steve. What do you think? 239 more words

Dear Baby Me

Our Tiny String of Hope

The undeniable space has pushed us to what seems like opposite ends of this critical cold world. What was once a bond tighter than peptides is now a frayed rope holding itself together by one tiny strand. 277 more words

50 Questions We All Wanted To Ask During Sex-Ed (But Were Way To Embarrassed To)

1. What is an orgasm supposed to feel like, exactly?

2. Is it normal to wake up humping your pillow?

3. If incest is so bad for the human race, why am I having crazy vivid sex dreams about my mom/dad/brother/sister? 749 more words


Rolling with the tide

Sharp edges have been rounded

Conformity shapes

© Paul Nichol.  2015


Teenagers Are Sheeple Too!

Today, we will take a closer look a the world of teenagers and correct some of their fallacies. 1,084 more words

2191. Anorexics, Suicides, et al. — Part 6: Self-interest

Self-interest motivates everyone. It’s our future; it triggers our actions. It determines what we do and say after this instant in time even if only to stand and think about what’s next. 710 more words

Dear Daughter



memories of times gone

still seem so close to me

I can remember one to two

Fragments of r-ms and conver…

Fledgling parties, social introduction… 91 more words