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Wine Bottle Logo

Our second project in Joy’s class was a typography project. We were tasked with the challenge of designing a logo to a wine bottle (or another beverage of our choice). 388 more words

Xavian Promotion Video

You all have been waiting for the promo video. I’m about halfway done with the first chapter of Xavian. Here it is, our first promo video. 19 more words


Colored Spaceship Sketches

I like to experiment with spaceship design. When man goes into space, what ships will he use? One is rendered in 3D.

Adobe Photoshop

Purely Pictorial Typeface

Dec 2014 – Adobe Illustrator

A typeface based off of a hand lettered sign from the 1950s. It is in the process of being fine-tuned and turned into an actual font that can be used with typing.


Design Locality – Data Art

Nov 2014 – Adobe Illustrator

8″ x 8″ prints

This series is based off the data of the walking, biking, and transit scores for each of the seven cities featured in the Design Locality book created in my Infographics class. 42 more words


Texting For Two Weeks – Data Art

Oct 2014 – Adobe Illustrator

17″ x 32″

This piece is based off of data I took for an infographic in my Infographics class. I counted every word that was texted to me, and every word I texted back, over the span of two weeks. 46 more words



2013 – Adobe Illustrator

44″ x 79″

This project was done for my Digital Imaging class. I decided to create my sisters and my portraits from when we were young and recent photos entirely of letters. 13 more words