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Berhenti Menjadi Secret Admirer

Mungkin saat ini kamu sedang mengingat seseorang –yang entah masih ingat dan mengenalmu atau tidak.

Walau terdengar klise, ya, cinta pernah membuat kita rela menjadi seorang… 737 more words


CRUSH ----> PT 3

Crush —-> pt 3

‘Am just kidding with you’ i finally said coming out of my confused mindset, and she smiled, ‘uhmmm, would you come in and join me for dinner?’ she said I quickly thought of it and refused. 321 more words


Day Three Hundred and Twenty: Peacock

Mesmerising moving fan, swishing back and forth coquettishly and with brazen purpose, staring out at all your admirers with your own made-up eyes. Avian ego over-spilling into Indian jewelled colours and a crowned head, kohled cold-blooded bird, winning our hypnotised hearts before we know you well enough, ere we hear your raucous call and spellbound, mistake it for a love song.

© K Dibbens-Wyatt 2015


A Mother's Love

I am one of those people who love, love. Since I could remember, I’ve been a sucker for love. Maybe it was the Disney movies, or maybe it’s a gift God birthed me with, but I couldn’t wait to be in love. 169 more words


Fear of Drowning

I just feel lame.
It’s ridiculous that I still feel like this.
What’s the point?
How do I justify being in love with impossible?
Friends say tell him… 192 more words


P.S. - Your Secret Admirer

You always have a secret admirer. Sometimes, this secret lives in the mind of the admirer and is never expressed to anyone at all. Ever. Other times, it is the worst-kept secret in the history of secrets (apparently, like the intern we had last summer totally had a thing for me and I was oblivious). 350 more words



You came into my life when I needed to lean on someone
Helped me in ways I never thought of
Truly I am grateful to have you… 25 more words