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A is for ADHD

It’s like working on a Macbook instead of a Windows PC. Everything works so fast that it actually can become counter-productive and more confusing, putting everything slightly out of focus and making everything slightly harder to comprehend. 1,595 more words


So...You Have Concerns About ASD, ADHD, Or...

I’m not the author of this post I’m copying this post on ASD, ADHD for a lovely lady I admire. Kristen is very motivated mum who encourages others mums to follow their instincts. 1,956 more words


Medication alone is not the answer

An interesting Article I came across

I fully believe a healthy diet is important, no matter who you are.  This is especially true for many different disorders.  387 more words


Millennial Dilemma - Vent LXIX

You know, when you part of Section.80, you feel like no one can relate/ Cause you are, you are, a loner, loner/ Marijuana endorphins make you stronger, stronger” … 1,008 more words

The Vents

"What was that again??"

These seizures lasted throughout my grade school years and even into my high school years. By the time I reached high school, they were not full-blown. 187 more words


Small Portion Trial

Tonight we will do a control test. Ben will have gluten free pizza with normal cheese. Not a saturation, just a serving. Then we will watch for signs of intolerance. 81 more words