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Confessions Of A Junkie - My Drug of Choice

My drug of choice was a variety of synthetic marijuana’s. An important thing to understand about synthetics is that there are a huge variety ‘legally’ available at any one time, some of which are subtle in strength, and some of which are far more intense than marijuana itself. 387 more words


#7 quotes@mylife

Maybe you are beautiful, that makes them fall in love with you.
but it takes your inner beauty to make them stay in love with you or sometimes, die for you.


Life And Sayings.

Addicted to Alcohol vs Being an Alcoholic

Yesterday I retweeted something that referred to recovery from alcoholism. My tweets are connected to my travel blog which my family can look at although they don’t much. 657 more words


Loving Life (Part 1)

Never in a million years would I have thought that I’m okay with saying that I am a heroin addict, but today I can say that. 557 more words


she’s addicted to the evil inside of her and the sense of death that haunts her daily.

her cigarettes burn her lungs into ashes so she no longer needs to breathe. 66 more words


Don't Bring People Home From The Psych Ward

So I was admitted to the local psychiatric unit on March 8th I believe it was. While in there, I met quite a few people, as they were almost at full capacity. 1,447 more words


Affliction and The Writing Life

“Being a writer is an affliction” a friend of mine recently posted to his blog.  I couldn’t agree more.  I write because I must.  It’s a necessity.  This is who I am.  It is a state of being, as my friend suggested.  Ultimately, I did not choose to be a writer.  Rather, the work and wonder of being a writer was placed on me by forces outside myself.  Sometimes I try to ignore it or go so far as to deny my calling.  As well, I take legitimate rest from it.  But always it is calling me back with stubborn persistence.  It is a weight or pressure as formative as glaciers.  … 337 more words