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Can't Stand It No More

Almost every work day the Beast and I get coffee together. We joke that we are work wed as we are often seen together. Indeed, there is no one else I confess as much to on any given Monday. 332 more words


From A Dream Darkly

The sun is shining and it warms me as I walk up to a beautiful house that seems to be being redecorated.

As I get closer I realize it my dream home, although I don’t remember ever having seen it before. 17 more words

Clinical Depression

The Tinman - A Poem

The Tinman – A Poem

Your beacon blazes with the firestorm
Of a thousand pyres.
In your eyes I find the fires –
Smoke signals that rise to the heavens… 484 more words


Race Riots on Drugs

Prompted by “Fixing neighborhoods”: http://www.drugwarrant.com/2015/05/fixing-neighborhoods/

“Few people discussing the recent riots and protests in Baltimore have bothered to question why young people would feel angry enough to destroy their own neighborhood. 951 more words


Addiction and Recovery: Some things I've Learned

In my thirty years as a substance abuse counselor, the most frustrating thing I’ve observed, over and over, is that people underestimate the power of the addiction monster and the work it takes to fight it. 389 more words