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HI, my name's Kaylie and-

-I suffer from a caffeine addiction.

And I realized this phenomenon yesterday after being in bed all day with a debilitating headache and flu-like symptoms! I can’t remember the last morning I went without drinking multiple cups of coffee. 170 more words

Happy Mail Planner Swap for March!

For as LONG as I could remember, I have always been obsessed with buying office supplies, planners, stationaries and notebooks from random stores everywhere. I cannot walk past a stationary store without at LEAST taking a look around (lol), even if I don’t end up buying anything. 514 more words


I broke.

My lack of posting recently….there’s a reason behind it.

I broke my sobriety and used cocaine 9 days ago after being sober for 2 weeks. 152 more words

Antidote for Lovelessness

I have known times where I was cold toward others, even in the face of the commands to love.  It was not that I hated everyone, but that I had no godly affection, no real concern for them at all. 268 more words

Short update on current blah feeling

Not too many creative juices flowing today.  Another day, another day of living with a huge desire to look at porn in my chest.  I haven’t and I won’t.  368 more words



Success is laced with blood and sweat,

A point when reached begs no regrets,

Sleepless nights & endless days,

decorates our cards with Excellent Grades, 55 more words


Step 1 - written December 20, 2014

It was the crisis of using again that brought me to recovery.  I had ben clean from cocaine for 14 years prior to 2009.  In 2009, I was separated from my husband and my kids had gone out to live on their own.  559 more words