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Realizing I am a weak man

In some ways, I am a good man.  I try to follow my morals.  I am kind, polite, and considerate of others.  I find pleasure in finishing things and feel obligated for my duties.  625 more words


Retiring Old Habits

Busted out 6 miles today on a trail in harbins park, georgia. Highly suggest Harbins Park in Gwinnett, Georgia if anyone is around there. I quit smoking cigs about 2 weeks ago and ill be damned i can breathe better. 65 more words



I’ve been out without the intention of getting drunk. I even said to my friend that I wasn’t going to go out when she invited me. 188 more words

Promises Lost

This weeks been pretty hard. I’m super sick with a hardcore case of strep throat and my roommate moved out. It’s nice that my boyfriend and I are getting into a bigger room but the cost is shitty. 502 more words

Yes, I am aware I am mad.

I moan about being misunderstood – and it occurred to me today that I would be thoroughly disappointed if I was actually understood completely. That ‘understanding’ would change the very definitions which I have gathered up over 35 years worth of hard trudging through my life as I have interpreted it. 138 more words


I fucked up.

God I fucked up big time. I’m fucked up as I write this.  A fucking relapse.  Nearly 3 months of sobriety down the drain.  I feel amazing though.   306 more words


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Идва време за смяна на сезоните, смяна на гардероба, почивки и забава, свързана с харчене на пари (разумно), за това реших да направя кратичък таг свързан с пазаруването и шопохолизмът. 23 more words