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Addiction (poem)

There is a joy that banishes all reason,

An ecstasy so vast it has no shore,

A craving that devours all decision,

A lust for nothingness that lusts for more. 80 more words


The Addict (a short poem)

The addict is a special case,
of feelings gone awry.
Alone, yes, in a crowded place,
perhaps a real nice guy.
Or gal, it’s not to say the least, 108 more words


My First Love

My first love a short break from the insanity of home life. Up to this point in life was mostly bad. Lived with an alcoholic step father who loved to beat on my mother and self both physical and verbal abuse. 332 more words


My God, You're A Work of Art

My dear boy, you’re a work of art. Skin so soft, so impure, how many have touched you. How many lips have been on that skin, how many lips? 110 more words


Having a Rough Couple of Days

Due to my transition from 50mg to 100mg of Sertraline I’ve been having rather a difficult time. My anxiety, depression and suicidal thoughts have increased, though I’m keeping positive by feeding my addiction of buying hippo memorabilia. 11 more words


getting healthy ramblings

Hello hope you are doing well. I have had a weird week health wise including a nose bleed and wondering if I could actually be pregnant. 392 more words


"Esteem-able Acts"

I read this in an article about an addict and his recovery. He said that one of the things that helped him stay sober was partaking in “esteem-able acts” at least once during his day. 365 more words