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Story, Plot and What To Do With It

I had a breakthrough today. I finally figured out STORY. Funny how one can spend the better part of one’s life reading books and not ever catch onto what draws you into them and keeps you reading. 779 more words


To Medicate or Not to Medicate?

A kid I used to babysit and tutor for about twelve or thirteen years came over for tea and cookies in the morning. He hadn’t realised I was back in town until he saw something I’d posted on Facebook.  815 more words


I finally did it

I finally did it.

I finally called a therapist that a guy, from a meetup, told me about…a year go.

I finally called and set up an appointment for this morning only to wake up to my therapist calling to reschedule. 249 more words

Not all change is good

Not all change is good; good change adds or multiplies; change without reason is useless. And one cannot change without first getting naked.


giddy-up: 37

Not that anyone is paying attention to this blog page (as if the author gives a tinkers damn), but thought to add a comment concerning the aspect of dying to live, as that is reserved for those dying for Jehovah, not Satan. 9 more words

First Day on Adderall

I took Adderall for the first time this morning. The doctor started me off on twenty milligrams but, after hearing my brother’s stories of feeling “tweaked out” on that same amount (as they say on the drug forums I’ve found myself perusing), I thought I’d be best starting off with half that so I opened the capsule and sprinkled half the pellets into my breakfast yogurt. 533 more words


AD&D Demystified: Missile Fire Into Melee

Nothgrim (2) and Thorkell (3) are in trouble! They are currently engaged in melee with a troglodyte (4), hobgoblin (5), and two bugbears (6 & 7)! 173 more words