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Finally, sleep .....natural sleep

When I was first diagnosed three months ago with PTSD and ADD, I was put on Straterra to see if that would help for my ADD.  681 more words


Got ADHD? You’re twice as likely to die prematurely, study warns

New research is suggesting that people with ADHD are twice as likely to die young, because of “unnatural causes” like accidents and car crashes.

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WordPress 4.0 “Benny” New Features – I recorded, complete video showing 11 features: http://youtu.be/V65rN_BAbIY =====Always updated – Screenshots==== http://www.blog.web6.org/installing-and-exploring-wordpress-4-0-new-features/ ===Contents===== 1:04 Language options to install 2:20 Media “Grid” view 3:03 New Plugins page appearance 4:10 No scroll bar and resize button on post editor 6:15 Widget separate panel on “Customizer” 7:26 Embed visual view

Rock Or Marshmallow?

I’m meeting Amanda’s ex husband on Sunday. Why you ask? Because he doesn’t trust Amanda’s judgement about what a “good guy” is, and wants to vet me before trusting me around his son. 197 more words

Mental Illness

As Things Get Better...

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Things in my life are coming together, and I’m really excited about where I am headed. I have been assertively vigilant about my mental health, and that has paid dividends in stability. 328 more words

Mental Illness

GitHub basics

The next stage of development in GitHub for Web Designers is GitHub basics. This area covers, Creating a new repository, Adding a README file, Adding a gitignore file, Editing files, Cloning the repo locally and Deleting a repo.