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A case for compassionate capitalism from its "founding father"

If one were to believe without question what liberals say in the mainstream media and in academia about capitalism, one would think capitalism is all about greed, oppression, division, and using law enforcement and/or military to secure only the rights of the rich and powerful at the expense of the poor. 1,282 more words


Dunia yang Terlanjur Begini, Bag. II (Si Miskin Mensubsidi Si Kaya)

Adik-adik, bertemu lagi dengan Kak Notaslimboy di sini.

Kita lanjutkan cerita minggu kemarin tentang dunia ini ya. Di akhir artikel saya menyebut tiga tokoh yang menjadi sebab utama dunia seperti yang sekarang kita alami. 731 more words


Insights from Adam Smith: Why We Hate Misfortune, Even if It's Good for Us

Adam Smith is full of good quotes. But his longer metaphors are even better.

If there is one thing in life that sustains people through tough times, it is the understanding that tough times stretch us and make us stronger. 487 more words


The evil that is the Federal Reserve

James Longstreet ‘splains what I keep pointing out.

I consider some of the mouthpieces for the Fed to be despicable for what they condone be done to people with pensions and fixed incomes. 75 more words


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In 1963 Milton Friedman and Anna Jacobson Schwartz published “A Monetary History of the United States 1867-1960" which should be mandatory reading for any serious work in macro economics especially relating to monetary policy. In Chapter 7 and running for 120 pages is a description of the period 1929-1933 which he calls The Great Contraction. After reading this Chapter of this book of 859 pages there can be no doubt in any rational mind that the FED “caused” the economic collapse that we call The Great Depression. There is little doubt that the FED also caused the 2008 collapse in the financial markets when the Housing bubble that they created burst. They are now working on a sovereign debt bubble that will be even worse than any that have occurred in the past. The FED needs to be eliminated.

Real Junk Food video: 'You can't change the world unless you change your home town first'

Did you know 22,000 Leeds people – including children – were officially diagnosed with malnutrition in 2012? And yet half the food we grow globally (1 billion tons per year) never reaches our tables, but is instead wasted. 176 more words


Essential Reading

Bubbles, Booms, and Busts – The Rise and Fall of Financial Assets by Donald Rapp (2nd Edition)

Let me qualify a bit here — this is essential reading if you consider yourself a passionate student of financial history or if you’re more than mildly interested in Economics in general.   356 more words


The Faster I go, the Dumber I Get

In my brief study of the dull science of economics I seem to remember only a few things- one of them being Adam Smith’s talk of the “ever upward spiral of capitalism”. 165 more words