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Honda CB400 Synchronized Demonstration (AMAZING)

To try and demonstrate the capability of the CB400 in tight spaces, this demonstration was put on by Honda. Its nothing short of amazing


Huawei is a rising Chinese mobile device manufacturer who’s name isn’t exactly easy for those of us in English-speaking countries to pronounce. Considering that we’re still hearing rumbles of the company’s desire to grab hold of consumer mindshare here in the United States, it’s about time for them to clear these simple pronunciation issues – which is exactly what they’re beginning to do. 101 more words

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Synchronizing Deletions from Microsoft Active Directory

To synchronize deletions in Microsoft Active Directory with Oracle Internet Directory, you must grant the necessary privilege to the Microsoft Active Directory user account that the Oracle directory integration server uses to perform synchronizations with Microsoft Active Directory. 270 more words


If Jon Snow lived today, this is how his opponents would attack him

When you play the game of thrones you win or you die… or you run ads likes this.