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jean harlow colorized montage

It’s been quite a time since I colorized a picture, and the last one I worked, I believe it was Clara Bow, so I feel great for have taken a time to work on this small art dedicated to Jean Harlow, that became one of my favorite actresses. 10 more words


Actor friends 

when you’re friends with actors, things can get a little dramatic. I’m an actress so before all you actors/actresses up there get angry at me, hear me out. 118 more words


Is The Entertainer's Personal Space a Public Space?

Hi, welcome to my blog site. I usually write a lot of things on various categories. OK i will say it. Yes, Initially i did not understand there was a difference between categories and tags. 557 more words


Actors from the movie 'City of Bones' not returning for the television series.

So there has been some disappointment from the fans of The Mortal Instruments lately, and also some joy as it has been announced that the television series for TMI will most likely (more like definitely) choose new actors to play the characters.   114 more words

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Always Two Sides to Every Story

Racism seems to cut both ways in Los Angeles. That point couldn’t have been made clearer than the recent flap involving the son of actor… 433 more words