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The IRS Loves Anarchy!

From the Center for a Stateless Society, by Roderick Long, Apr 2015

The Center for a Stateless Society is delighted to announce that our parent institution, the Molinari Institute, has been declared by the IRS to be a tax-exempt 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization; hence donations to the Molinari Institute – and thus to the Center for a Stateless Society as well – are tax-deductible. 322 more words


This Story: The Life and Strife of an Artist

Sometimes I view my life as omniscient, so here is this story of where I have been, and where I will be. I don’t feel like I am living it, but rather viewing it.   595 more words


Tan Le's Immigration Story

Tan Le’s story was featured as part of the TEDxWomen Conference and is about her sister, mother and grandmother fleeing from Vietnam and starting a new life. 262 more words

Thai government urged to investigate 1-year disappearance of Karen environmental activist

From StarTribune, Apr 2015

BANGKOK –  The United Nations human rights office called Thursday on Thailand to speed up an investigation into the disappearance of an ethnic minority environmental activist who has helped villagers report illegal activity in Thailand’s largest national park. 195 more words


Jorge and Javier: From Memory to Hope

A country with memory doesn’t remember. It seems, and I can understand why, we take our daily pill to make us forget: Who would like to remember the forceful disappearance of thousands of people? 581 more words

Reporte Indigo

Gary Yourofsky

Over the last few days I’ve watched many videos of self-proclaimed “animal liberation activist” Gary Yourofsky. Gary is, of course, vegan. In the past he’s worked with PETA (though he openly speaks against many PETA practices), and now he travels and gives lectures on veganism. 233 more words

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