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It Doesn't Matter Who You Vote For - What Matters Is That You Do It

The deadline for registering to vote in this years general elections is midnight tomorrow. If you haven’t registered, click here and do it now. It will take less time than reading this article. 260 more words

Rise up to save the Net neutrality in India

As the fight to a neutral non discriminatory open Internet just got over in the US, and FCC ruled in favor of the people, upholding the principle of Net neutrality after hearing comments sent to FCC by the Internet users. 402 more words

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Finding Strength in the Darkness #HAWMC Day 6

Day 6th’s Prompt: Your Hero: Everyone has someone they look up to – a person they go to for advice, an individual you admire or idolize. 2,175 more words

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The Problems With Marriage Equality...But Why We Should Still Fight for it

Currently, my girlfriend and I cannot get married. Not that we’re planning our Pinterest pages or anything, but the point is: same-sex marriage is illegal in Australia. 989 more words


Living A Full Life Means Being Allowed To Die With Dignity

I am all for living a full-life and enjoying and doing what you love and want to do right to the very end.  We all have the potential to live to a healthy 100 or more, so I get slightly irritated with people who smoke, drink, and eat themselves into an early grave. 308 more words

Black Panther Party Ideology & Consciousness: Online Political Study

“Each One…Teach One”

What you know brothas & sistas? Add your comments/answers below.


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