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Editorial: Teaching as Defiance

Originally published in Rethinking Schools VOLUME 29, ISSUE 4 — SUMMER 2015.Recently, we posted an article at the Rethinking Schools Facebook page that listed reasons why parents should opt their children out of standardized testing, including “standardized tests narrow the curriculum.” The article went on: 1,335 more words

Social Justice


But then, something changed.

Look, I know there’s a lot of people like me out there. We know what climate change is, and we know we’re causing it with carbon dioxide emissions, but the only way it manifests in our daily lives is at most a vague feeling of helplessness and a generous extra helping of  1,209 more words


Can political activism in authoritarian countries be gender sensitive?

On 20 June 2015, a workshop Gender, nationalism and citizenship in anti-authoritarian protests in Belarus, Russia and Ukraine took place at Robinson College at the University of Cambridge. 1,516 more words


About me.

I figure if I am going to be a credible blogger I should let people know who I am, things I do, and what I do an what I believe in. 1,206 more words

Jamie Oliver: US Kids Don't Know a Potato from a Tomato (1:45)

This is so sad.  The poor little guys don’t stand a chance of learning about proper nutrition if their parents don’t teach them the basics.  And the parents cannot compete with the daily barrage of commercial brainwashing that kids are subjected to daily.

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Food Banks: Canned Justice or Fuel For activism?

By Aaron Vansintjan.
Originally posted at EJOLT.

Philippe* is the truck driver of a food bank in Montréal, Canada. Twice a week he drives to the headquarters of Moisson Montréal, the largest food bank in Canada. 1,861 more words


Actors from "Orange is the New Black" Identify as Feminists

I love the Netflix series Orange is the New Black. Anyone who watches it will tell you It has one of the most diverse groups of women in a series on TV right now and ALL of my guy friends even watch this show. 493 more words