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#OccupyFratRow: Racist Email Sparks Student Protest and Debate

Editor’s Note: This article features offensive language including the N-word and other expletives. 

One sign read: “Not a nigger girl,” followed by “#OccupyStamp” and “ 1,107 more words


Raw Story: There’s a very good reason why black people despise mainstream media

  According to a new study by Media Matters for America done in partnership with Color of Change, four New York City television stations consistently reported crimes by black people at a higher rate than their arrest rates.

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The Truth v Progressivism

This person speaks truth. This is the biggest thing that has pushed me away from Democrats, liberals, and especially progressives.

Their conscious choice to ignore information and… 394 more words


UFOTV® PRESENTS....SECRETS OF THE MATRIX HD David Icke LIVE - 6–HOUR Feature (Digitally Remastered)

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UFOTV® Accept no imitations. (Please vote thumbs-up!) Over six hours and with hundreds of illustrations, With over 6000 people in attendance, world famous conspiracy researcher and author David Icke reveals the truth about the illusion that is life in this “physical” reality and how this “world” is a provable illusion, just a lucid dream, and how we create it and how we can change the dream to one that we would like to experience. 78 more words

Politics And Political Corruption

Right wing party marches through Dortmund


The “Die Rechte” is due to march through the city of Dortmund on Saturday, March 28. After the march, they will rally in the city centre. 29 more words