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Milwaukie & Tigard Lead the Call for Healthy Kids and Safe Streets

The Safe Routes to School National Partnership is pleased to support the For Every Kid Coalition in the Pacific Northwest region. For Every Kid is a growing coalition calling for Safe Routes to School for every kid in the Metro-area; vocal support from cities and school districts is an outcome of key partners coming together to promote the benefits and work with communities and we have been an active part of the leadership of this effort. 680 more words


How to save money: ride your bike

As someone who rents her apartment, has a roommate, and receives an average to below-average income, I’m always on the lookout for ways to save money. 529 more words

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clean eats: banana water

California has been having some beautiful weather lately…think high 80’s. One drink that always reminds me of summer is “banana water.”

Now, you might be thinking, “what in the world is ‘banana water’?” Well, take a bunch of ripe bananas and thrown them in the blender with about a liter of water. 339 more words


Learn to Run 8-week Schedule

Unfortunately, no matter how “fit” you are, if you haven’t been running it is important for injury prevention (and comfort of your body!) that you follow a slow progression from walking to running. 127 more words

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Raw Vegan Pudding

Wow – it’s been too long since I made time for my wonderful blog.
Definitely need to bring it back to life as I love sharing what I eat with you. 243 more words

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All That Yoga in an App

Take a look at these people. These happy people are Moksha Yoga users… or so Moksha Yoga wants you to believe, and hey I buy it. 455 more words

5 reasons why you should NOT skip your workout in the morning

Today was a sunny warm day. I woke up early to do some work and while sitting at my computer I had a look outside the window. 358 more words

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