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Benefits of Apple Cider Vinegar

I want to thank DianeĀ  from Still Point Massage for showing me this very interesting article on Apple Cider Vinegar. I did not realize all the health benefits. 32 more words

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Holiday Treats

Does your gluten-free or dairy free diet and lifestyle make you miss out on your favorite holiday treats? In my Eastern European decedent family holiday get togethers, Povatica or Croatian Nut Roll Bread is always present. 342 more words

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Do you have Bunions?

Bunions have become a normal appearance in many chiropractic and manual therapy offices. This has occurred due to shoe and footwear choices and improper ankle mobility. 115 more words

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Meat Additives

One reason I recommend and buy grass fed and grass finished local hormone free beef.


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Digestion and Core Stability

Great link on how digestion and stability are linked!

Digestion and Stability

Hope you enjoy

Dr. Justin Hildebrand

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Knee Pain

Do you have knee pain and do not like to squat? Your problem may not be the knee themselves but who you squat and how you move through the hips. 192 more words

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VMO Exercises

I have only found one VMO exercise that consistently activates the VMO. Oh, and it does a number of the gluteus as well.

Diagonal Sit Backs… 116 more words

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