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Be Ye Doers of the Word

Paul’s work in writing Romans results in his mature thinking assembled into one letter.

He starts with why we need God. He continues with how through Jesus we have access to God’s grace. 498 more words


Feeling Left Out with Dementia Symptoms

I was asked to think about what phrases and actions leave Persons With Dementia symptoms feeling left out.
This must be prefaced by reminder that there are a lot of similarities between experiences and perspectives of different Persons With Dementia — but there are also a lot of differences.  1,239 more words


Month 2, week 3: results

I finally put on my big girl pants and replaced the battery in my scales, and I even stood on them (bonus!). At first with my eyes closed, then I felt stupid (and extremely cold!) just standing there so I opened my eyes, and I have lost 100g since my week 1 weigh in. 543 more words


12. | Don't Say Sorry

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We all have a favorite word, (mine is “okay” – and no, I’m not going to explain why) but do you have a least favorite? 262 more words


On blissful thoughts you float
into her bubble gum covered cavern
hoping against hope for hopeful things
Pretty balloons always deflate
strangely intoxicated by nothing at all… 118 more words


Drop the 'Tude?

To drop the ‘tude or not to drop the ‘tude? That is the question.

What is attitude?

According to Google, it is “a settled way of thinking or feeling about someone or something, typically one that is reflected in a person’s behavior”  262 more words

AT&ampT Describes Next Actions for Network Virtualization

AT&ampT Describes Subsequent Measures for Network Virtualization
AT&ampT expects prototypes shortly, with trials and deployments scheduled for next year, Donovan stated. The carrier is producing open specifications for the … Technologies that&#39s heavily resource-intensive, requires a extended time to develop and doesn&#39t make a … 125 more words