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Life will knock us down without giving us a choice as to whether or not we want to be knocked down. However, when it comes to getting back up, the choice is entirely ours. 255 more words


“Wisdom is vindicated by her deeds.” – Matthew 11:19


.actions and reactions.

We are defined by our actions towards others,

Not others’ actions towards us.

It’s all too easy to get tangled up and come out upside down when I take a view of myself.   439 more words


Faith In Action 'Navigating Through The World'

From the days when I use to drive a taxi, for an income, if I hadn’t become accustomed to what the  world’s way is like, I think I would have become completely discouraged. 364 more words



Talk to, talk to or not

Walk through, walk through or may

Tell me, tell me, or neither

Seek for, seek for, or rather

Feel it, feel it, or yet… 8 more words

Tiny Poems


Sometimes, you think you’re helping others, when in fact, they are the ones helping you.

During my second year of medical school, apart from listlessly burning my days away studying the profound anomalies that occur with the human body, I am assigned a “mentor” with whom I would practice certain skills over the year. 429 more words