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The passion to continue your craft

“I can accept failure. Everyone fails at something. But I can’t accept not trying.”- Michael Jordan; 1994

Ground yourself in words: Sometimes I can’t find the words to encompass my wayward thoughts, but the words expressed by others can give me direction.

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To What Ends we Mean 1

“Acting Jag”

It was night, and most people were in their homes, getting ready for bed or doing whatever they enjoyed. A few people lingered outside, two of which were heading to their home. 3,506 more words


I love theatre because.....

I love theatre because playwrights can make anything, any situation, any location, any personality trait, any personality type, any occupation, any sport, any relationship or flawed relationship, anything that is human experience into entertainment. 345 more words


One Step Closer :)

One step closer to being a kickass character that is, although I wasn’t sure one of those words would fare well in the title. I’m also one step closer to getting work in Toronto, at least theoretically. 344 more words

The Wait.

In order to accurately depict the Willy Wonka boat trip of emotion that you go on immediately following an audition, I would like to draw your attention to the following image – 2,209 more words


An Interview with Krishna Istha

With Krishna Istha and Jade Fernandez

Krishna Istha​ is an artist and performer that focuses their work on queer theory, feminism, drag and gender politics. They have worked on various scales with the National theatre, Battersea arts centre, Soho Theatre, New York International Fringe Festival, Duckie, Arts Admin, Arcola theatre and Victoria and Albert museum. 1,586 more words