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act and book it

Thanks to my Chinook coupon “book” (it’s actually on my phone), I saw two plays for cheap this weekend. Here are mini-mini write-ups.

I saw “Threesome” at ACT. 158 more words

Personal And None Of Your Business

The Key to Higher Level Reading and Higher SAT and ACT Scores

Having taught hundreds of students how to read and having worked with students up to grade 12 on reading, I have found most high school students to be breaking down on reading at the same place in the process. 529 more words


so much bigger things happening 

No more complaining. No more complaining about not being able to do what I want when I want. No more complaining about people always depending on me. 372 more words

I mean, I guess I don’t really understand what being an “adult” means. I thought it meant taking on more responsibilities, you know, being independent? Being able to own up for the actions that you take and not blaming anyone else but yourself. 210 more words


Dairy’s the Devil

The white curdling anger I feel
When I drink some milk

The sloppy goo of yogurt stains
On my trousers
Ruins my clothes. 184 more words



The homeless ask for change
Not only the spare pence pieces you have in your pocket,
But the change that can make them sheltered and warm. 244 more words


Bereaved families engaging with ACT Coroner's Office to receive counselling

ABC News Adrienne Francis 27 June 2015

Bereaved ACT families involved in recent coronial investigations into deaths like suspected suicides will now receive ongoing support as part of a new counselling service launched this week. 32 more words