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Big Acquisition Aetna Buys Humana

July 3, 2015

By Dr. Tyra OldhamLANDsds Sustainable Voice News

The news is out of the big acquisition. Aetna has acquired Human, Louisville, Kentucky founded by David A. 131 more words

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Level 3 Acquires Black Lotus

It was announced today that Level 3 Communications, a global telecommunications provider, has acquired Black Lotus, a privately held provider of global DDoS mitigation services. The acquisition demonstrates Level 3’s continued commitment to providing leading security product capabilities. 206 more words

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Modesty is a fool's virtue!

Thanks to Mr Zuckerberg’s devious creation, I ran into a dear friend recently. Someone who I last set eyes on when I was half my age, and sadly, size. 1,163 more words

India Overseas

Rich People Investments Part 1

In this article I will be talking about one of the rich people investments of “Merger and Acquisition”. As you can imagine, to do something like this you need a business and an excessive cash flow. 376 more words


OpenDNS Acquisition Gives Cisco Big Security Data

I am very curious to see how this particular acquisition works out.  OpenDNS has a massive repository of relevant security content and Cisco has the power to fully leverage that info.  23 more words

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NYCB Lends $53M for New Jersey Apartment Complex

New York Community Bank provided a $52.8 million acquisition loan for a multifamily complex in northern New Jersey, Commercial Observer can exclusively report.

Meridian Capital Group… 168 more words


[Growth Hacking 玩法] The Comment Marketing Hack

  • 相对比起此前的The Piggyback Hack,也就是另起一篇文章来用作应对或是补充甚或是知乎里的“实名反对”的玩法,这种Comment Marketing玩法是将你的想法和理论直接回复在评论里,渠道可以是论坛可以是微博也可以是知乎。
  • 总的来说,长远来看,这种做法能够有助于你巩固或是建立在这个细分领域里的thought leader地位。短期来看,这种做法也有助于人们去找到你的公司主页。
  • 非常多的startup创始人们会出现在细分领域的专业论坛(例如Stackoverflow),或是知乎这种知识社区以及一些热门的博客站点。微博在评论里引用了类似虎扑果壳的点亮排序机制,一条有见地的评论能够更加迅速地被大众看见。
  • 评论在产品中的地位越来越重要,亚马逊甚至还引入了机器学习平台,对整个用户评论的系统进行重新优化,这也意味着有价值的内容在评论处也能有越来越高的曝光率。
  • 不过这种玩法非常容易引火烧身,所以在实施的时候一定要注意以下几点:
  1. 对于原来的内容是challenge而不是attack的态度,重要的是展现你在这一块方向上的成熟和权威,以便给潜在用户留下良好的印象。
  2. 一定要在回复中带来新的价值点,可以是新的角度也可以是新的内容,千万不要只是简单重复别人曾经发表过的言论。
  3. 在这里就不要添加明显的广告链接了,否则很容易引起oversell的反感,一旦用户有你在借机营销的感觉,无论内容质量再高他们也不会买单的,在这种情况下,你的用户名或者是名字后的签名可以用@XX公司这种形式,让用户主动去搜索你。
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